One More Day in Paris Please...

Nothing beats the fun and enjoyable experience that comes with discovering flea markets. Being a photographer, I travel many parts of the globe and my recent visit to Paris, France was quite memorable with the discovery of some of the city’s top markets for second hand items. Most of the flea markets are off the beaten tourist tracks, hence takes much more to discover them. What I like about these markets is the fact that you can find basically anything for sale.

The markets present an eclectic mix of items ranging from art, textiles and toys to books and much more. These are the places where you can find the portraits of Lenin or any other famous persons in history. Buyers can purchase items in the Paris flea markets at a bargain, depending on the agreement between the seller and buyer; this means that no single item has a fixed price.

Whether you are looking for old antiques to decorate your home with a traditional touch, or some used spare parts for your old car model, these are the markets to visits. In fact, antique lovers will never be disappointed with a visit to a Paris flea market (they say that old is gold). However, this does not mean that only items used in the early times can be found in these markets, but also modern items sold at the discretion of their owners.

Furthermore, used does not necessarily mean spoil and in poor conditions because some of the items for sale in these markets are as good as new. They are a perfect place for the local residents to look for the best deals on whichever item they are looking for. And of course, travelers or tourists like me, who get the chance to discover these rich markets.

Oh, how I wish I could spend one more day in Paris just visiting flea markets.....

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